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However, after slavery, the coon caricature was increasingly applied to younger blacks, especially those who were urban, flamboyant, and contemptuous of whites.

They questioned 100 Princeton University undergraduates regarding the prevailing stereotypes of racial and ethnic groups.

Sambo was portrayed as a loyal and contented servant.

Indeed, Sambo was offered as a defense for slavery and segregation.

Slave masters and overseers often described slaves as "slow," "lazy," "wants pushing," "an eye servant," and "trifling." The master and the slave operated with different motives: the master desired to obtain from the slave the greatest labor, by any means; the slave desired to do the least labor while avoiding punishment.

The slave registered his protest against slavery by running away, and, when that was not possible, by slowing work, doing shoddy work, destroying work tools, and faking illness.

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