Age dating laws in colorado

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Minors may be legal medical marijuana patients as long as: Minors should use the same form as adults and additionally include the Parental Consent Form and a second doctor's certification.You do not need to have your application or other Registry forms notarized, except for the Parental Consent form.Marijuana plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked area.If you violate these limits, they can keep you off the registry for one year.Patients (or their primary caregivers) can legally grow up to six marijuana plants, only three of which may be mature enough to bear usable marijuana, plus two ounces of marijuana in usable form.No more than 12 total plans are allowed per residence regardless of the number or adults living there.

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Caregivers are restricted to serving 5 patients, except in exceptional circumstances.A replacement card will be delivered within 2-10 business days.You are allowed one replacement card for a lost or stolen card during your annual registration period. Doctors cannot be punished for discussing or recommending medical marijuana to their patients.Also, it doesn't address whether you can live in subsidized housing, or whether you can grow, possess, and use marijuana in your house if it's within 1000 feet of a school. In addition, HUD issued a memorandum stating that each local housing authority has the discretion as to whether or not they will evict patients based on their use of medical marijuana.The Colorado medical marijuana laws do not require an employer to accommodate medical use of marijuana in the workplace.

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