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"Most girls love to do crazy things secretly in [Nigeria], but they join in to criticise those who do it openly," he said.He showed me the Snapchat account of one of the actresses he works with.Wild on Twitter Responding to a new 'follow' on my Twitter account sometime last year lead me to several Twitter pages dedicated to sharing explicit content, including photographs and [email protected]_Erotica boasts that it is 'Nigeria's Number One Porn Site to Act, Watch or Download Free Naija Homemade Sex Clips,' even though attempts to visit its website ( yield an error message.However, the same can't be said for some of the actresses who appear in the growing amateur porn scene online.According to Kingtblak, many of the women who act in his videos were simply curious and wanted to explore their sexuality.She released a hardcore porn movie earlier this year, co-starring an actor who used the pseudonym 'Mandingo'.Curious about what, if anything, this has to say about the state of a porn industry in Nigeria, I started on a digital adventure to find out more.

The fact that Nigerian society is often very harsh towards women who express their sexual desire or agency, with women facing a strong public backlash, does not faze her.He also shoots, edits, markets and runs the website on his own.Along with his Twitter and Instagram accounts, where he posts 'behind the scenes' shots of his amateur porn videos, Kingtblak runs Hoc Hub, a website in the style of Porn Hub, where users can pay to watch his videos.With the profit from his business, he provides for his daughter.As a young Nigerian man who wants to 'live people's dreams while making money from it', Kingtblak is the sole actor in his videos.

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