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I wish the leaders of different nations could do the same and have a world vision first, before a specific vision for their country. You can see the land masses, mostly without vegetation, with these veins running through them in different shapes.

These are either rivers or reminiscent of water flowing on the ground and making its mark as it travels down to the oceans…

The cities are easily distinguishable because they look like someone took a shovel and messed up the ground in that area.

The agricultural lands have specific geometric shapes and demonstrate different colors based on the crop and the type of soil. you cannot tell where one country ends and another one starts… I cannot see anything or take pictures of anything.” But then I got mesmerized by the clouds… Sometimes they look like a thick white fluffy blanket, some other times like little cotton balls scattered all over…

I think we were somewhere near the coast of Australia over the Pacific Ocean… The best part and by far my favorite view up here is the view of the universe at night. It looks like someone has spread diamond dust over a black velvet blanket. then I pull my head back a little and continue gazing out.These are the most peaceful moments I have had in my life and I feel a great source of positive energy. my Window awaits me so I can watch the world go by and feel all your tears and laughter from down below… I have a hard time sleeping too long because I keep forcing my eyes open to just see this beauty and take it all in… As I gaze out I thank God once again for helping me be here and experience this.I have been thanking him for letting my inner voice carry out to you all and ask him to give me the vision to see my path in life and the strength to pursue it.

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