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If anything, it would be my fault they stayed together longer than they should have. She started sobbing again, and I felt awful for not just listening and being a good daughter. "It's not your fault at all," my mom said, her voice shaking. " I said firmly, kneeling next to her chair in the kitchen. I don't care what you think you did, or even what you did. It's not your fault." She smiled at me and sniffed. Throughout, I think my jaw dropped closer and closer to the floor. I told him if he didn't hurry up and sleep with you already I would. But your father and I were in the middle of our long fight about you and I wanted something to use as... "I showed it to him and told him where I'd gotten it. Well, things went neither wrong nor right, because he just firmly insisted I get out of his way so he could watch his movie.I hugged him and even kissed his neck, but nothing.Losing my nerve, I got up and made a show of staggering around a little before rushing off to my room.

I wanted my dad's cock to be the first real one up there, but when I finally had that opportunity I didn't want to be an ass virgin. Moving my mouth up to her ear, I whispered, "Daddy... I cried out, the friction of my mom's hot mouth scraping me toward the world's biggest orgasm. That's fine with me, but I thought you should know." "Mom! We kissed passionately, and I tasted my copious pussy juices on her face and tongue. She yanked and pulled her nipples and I tongued her ear. Now our naked bodies were mashed together, tit on tit, and I wanted us to melt together. Come with me, Daddy, please fill me with your come." She redoubled her work on my ass and I built up to my own orgasm.It wasn't in my handbag a few days later when I thought it would be. My mother had threatened to fuck me if my dad didn't, and had fully intended to follow through. Finally she eased a finger into my asshole, and I nearly came again. We kissed and caressed more as we came down from our high.I just hope whoever took it at the party was drunk or high enough not to remember who they stole it from. He and chickie-poo left the state altogether and he seemed scared to show his face again. "After all you've heard, you still want me to be ok. I love you so much." "I love you too, Mom," I said, almost dreamlike, and then I leaned in and kissed her. The most interesting part, to me, was that she had planned to pretend she was him. I got up and eased myself over my mom, straddling her like I had my dad that time. She was as wide-eyed as I'd been the last few minutes, but stared in rapt attention. I was overwhelmed with love and pleasure -- I had wanted to fuck my father, but it's my mother who loved -- and fucked -- me best.I never really went for it, and so when he ran off, I was very upset. Mom's hands returned with a vengeance, and I moaned in appreciation. One, then the other, as I tousled her hair and groaned.I had even taken advantage of college life to start to practice giving blow jobs, which I didn't like but which I wanted to be able to do to my dad. She caressed them, massaged them through my t-shirt. I clutched at her blouse, and she backed off and helped me remove it.

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