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Robert Morris hoped his work would result in the English backing down from their course, which was clearly against the British constitution.

He did not wish to separate from England because he thought Americans were not ready for self-rule and he feared anarchy would result.

Fortunately he escaped with his crew and took refuge in Cuba, where they scraped out a living.

When an American ship arrived in Havana, he returned home to Philadelphia.

The tax collector later wrote that if he had not complied he feared his house would have been torn down “brick by brick.” In 1769, Willing and Morris organized the first non-importation agreement, which ended the slave trade in the Philadelphia region for good.

Robert Morris married Mary White on March 2, 1769 and they had seven children.

with three ships, which they sent to the West Indies and England, exporting American goods and importing British cargo. Robert’s relationship with the Company continued for nearly 40 years, and at the height of his success, he was ranked by the Encyclopedia of American Wealth, along with Charles Carroll of Carrollton, as the two wealthiest signers among the 56 signers of the Declaration.

Shortly after the Seven Years War, Willing and Morris joined with other merchants in response to new changes in tax policy.He served with Franklin on the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, and eventually became its chairman.Later, he was elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly, and then to the Second Continental Congress.In 1765 the Stamp Act was passed, and Robert led a street protest.He convinced the tax collector to give up the post and send the stamps back.

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