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Find out what works for you and use it to your benefit. Instead, opt for ones that’ll help prevent you from ejaculating faster by numbing you down there. One of the biggest reasons why so many guys suffer from this on a regular basis is because they spend so much time obsessing over this little problem of theirs. [Read: Real reasons why losing an erection bothers men so much] #11 Control your breathing.

[Read: 25 things that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise when she sees a guy] #8 Shallow moves. Breathing plays a big part in controlling your ejaculation.

For a girl, multiple orgasms are a fun thing to experience.

But when you’re a guy, ejaculating too soon can spell doom to your sex life.

Both of you should take it slow and easy, and communicate at the same time about when to stop moving or when to slow down further. By getting straight into the act immediately, the excitement and sexual tension may build up too fast which could end up overexciting you and leading to faster ejaculations. Some sex positions will stimulate you faster and make you orgasm really fast, while some positions can help you last a lot longer.

By doing this, it’ll help you last longer and bring both of you closer. The missionary position is a safe one, but a few unconventional positions may just help you better. [Read: How tantric sex can help you have sex for a lot longer] #4 Masturbate before sex.

[Read: A girl’s confession about sex with an uncircumcised man] Ways to prepare yourself for longer sex before penetration Here are four things you can do to prepare yourself for longer sex, when you’re in the act but haven’t penetrated her yet. Your woman may assume you won’t be able to last long and may try to finish up really fast.

This is hard to explain in a sentence without going into details, but trust me, just breathe out through your mouth slowly and you’ll see how it works.[Read: 12 foreplay ideas that will always arouse any man] Don’t let premature ejaculation get in the way of a great sex life.Instead, learn to get better at controlling your ejaculation and everything will feel just fine.[Read: Sex tips for girls to ride a man and look sexy doing it] #3 Shift your weight. If she ever feels you throbbing when you’re inside of her, tell her to avoid moving too aggressively *or even stop moving completely* so you can regain your control.When you’re on top of your girl and feel like you’re going to blow out, place your forearms on either side of her and shift your body weight onto your arms. At times, as hard as you try, you do need some help from your woman to make sex last longer. Have sex in a comfortable place where you won’t feel overexcited.

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