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What you see is that all the Indians carry this one distinctive mutation.

I find it unlikely that Malaysian Indians are Brahmins or North Indians, especially given that there is a non-trivial proportion of R1a1a in Tamil lower castes.

The reason these lineages are important and useful is that they record the uninterrupted ancestry of males, from father to son, along the Y chromosome.

The detection of the Z93 paternal genetic imprint in the Hungarian Roma gene pool is consistent with South Asian ancestry and amends the view that H1a-M82 is their only discernible paternal lineage of Indian heritage.

The table to the left shows you an Indian population from Malaysia.

The implication being that it did not undergo the same expansion.

Dates of expansion (looking at the most recent common ancestor) for Z458 and Z93 are pegged to 7 and 10 thousand years before the present.

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