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As it turns out, the Dare stored far more data after a wipe than another phone from the company, the LG Optimus, another Android phone.“If I was a bad guy, I’d use this LG,” says Reiber.“They do a very good job of cleaning up.”Reiber only managed to recover a few image files from the browser’s cache and the device’s phone number.

Worse, he found a list of nearly every Wi-Fi and cellular access point the phone had ever come across — 68,390 Wi-Fi points and 61,202 cell sites.Reiber and Access Data use customized hardware and software to retrieve data. Both were wiped, and neither had much to speak of stored in their built-in memory, just some application data with no personally identifiable fingerprints. Although the contents of the card were deleted, the card had not been formatted.But it also sells a rig that will let anyone do the same, and phone forensics are increasingly commonplace. This, apparently, meant the files were recoverable.Overall, there was not much user data, although we could trace the phone to its owner thanks to that number.On the other, however, Reiber found a large amount of deleted personal data that he recovered because it had not been overwritten.

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